The Mangler

2015 Nutfest - El Sexto de Nutfest. 05/23/2015

This is the story of Jack Tanner. One of the
baddest minds in criminal profiling and forensics.
He applies mathematical principles to analyze the
thought process of killers, kidnappers, and cocksuckers.

He solves riddles for breakfast.

Jack Tanner works hard, alright. But when the
job is done, he's off to the Toy Tiger for cocktails
with the ladies. And sometimes when the moon is full,
he'll jump on stage and whip out his mic...

He's lookin' for clues at the scene of the crime
With the evidence fresh it's a race against time
The picture was gruesome, all the brutal contusions
We're dealing with a monster, a bucket of slime
Detective Jack Tanner, they call him The Hammer
He's gonna track 'em down and throw them right in the slammer

Sarah Silver was a dancer at Club Maison le Fur
She moved like a snake, like a cat she would purr
But, she's gone missing now and the suspect's The Mangler
The clock ticks away as she's deeper in danger
With his knowledge of science and criminal behavior
Jack Tanner's the man; he's the one that can save her

Stone cold, sick and twisted, a brain that's decayed
The Mangler gets pleasure from violence and pain
Jack Tanner puts the puzzle pieces together
As Sarah Silver's strapped down with her hands tied with leather
The Mangler raises the blade as three shots they are made
Jack Tanner saves the day, not a moment too late

By Daniel Bruening 02/27/2010

Tempo ?
1. EA#AG
2. EA#AG
3. AD#DC
4. EA#AG
5. C C

Notes: Standard 12 bar blues progression. I can not believe that I wrote a fucking blues song.

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