Greaseball - - - 08/03/2008 - - - Version 7.

Greaseball - - - 08/01/2008 - - - Version 5.

Greaseball - - - 07/29/2008 - - - Version 4.

Greaseball - - - 07/28/2008 - - - Version 3.

Supadope - Greaseball
By Daniel Bruening 7/28/2008
Tempo: 140
Chorus - EGAG, EGBB
Verses - EeeF#eeGeeF#eeGeeBGBGB... EeeF#eeGeeF#eeGeeEDBDB
Bridge - E chuggin to B in halfsteps, skipping the 4th fret, then double down on the last B

Go!  Go!  Greaseball!!!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Greaseball!!!

Greaseball always sits, in the back of the class
And Greaseball really, really,  Really hated math
Now the teach is a nerd and his clothes are absurd
But he doesn't tolerate insubordinate words
	Greasy lights a cig, man, right there in class
	That certainly scorched that math teacher's ass
	Now he's grabbed by the ear and he's dragged down the hall
	An afternoon's detention for a rebel Greaseball

Go!  Go!  Greaseball!!!
Go!  Go!  Go!  Go!  Greaseball!!!
Go!  Go!  Greaseball!!!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Greaseball!!!

Greaseball swaggers in, to prom after dark
Bouncy Betty's on his arm, she's a sharp work of art
A smirk to a bud and a sneer to a queer
The bands playing funk and his breath smells of beer 
	Greaseball and Betty start to tear up the floor
	Sliding and a shaking very nearly hardcore
	Now the place goes wild and erupts in a squall
	Steppin up and gettin down, Betty's Greaseball

Greaseball rolls up in a 57 Chevy
With pink slips down against a 53 Hemi
They mash the gas down all the way to the floor
Smokin tires scream as the cars start to roar
	They swerve a bit snakey as they take off the start
	They're dead neck and neck and they're off of the charts
	Flying down highway one with the balls to the wall
	You know who won, You know who won, Good God, it's Greaseball!