Dootie Brown


(Dootie) Brown had a sound and it rumbles all around
From the streets of New York to a Tennessee town
From the top to the front and the back to the bottom
From the streets of LA to the Alabama cotton
(He's got a) supa low flow that everybody knows
And his style is on fire while his ora glows
He's in vibe with the tribes and he doesn't got to jibe
No need to be smart when you're know you're alive

(When he) walks and he talks and he's rhyming so tight
All the ladies draw near hopin' they might
Try to get to get next to the one with the step rule
The one with the cash and the cause and effect too
Dootie Brown is the one he's a son of a gun
He's the best, best there is, not to be outdone
Like a lion in a jungle he's the king of domain
Far from ordinary and miles from mundane

(Now) one bright day in the middle of the night
Dootie Brown was in town with a bomb to ignite
Chillin in the club and enjoying the show
They pulled him on stage so he started to flow
(He spoke) rhyme upon rhyme with incredible time
The crowd got up, hot, ready and primed
The crowd grew hotter as Dootie inflated
Words and materials ssickly stated

As the clock struck three it was the place to be
The place was on fire like a swirling sea
Rockin non-stop and poppin and lockin
Rhymin like a store where everyone's shoppin
Now all of the sudden in a flash and commotion
The roof ripped off and the ceiling came open
There was light so bright with incredible might
Dootie Brown shut it down and then took flight

By Daniel Bruening 06/01/2006

Tempo: ?
Gtr-V-amp V-amp 3-A