Bury Me Alive

Jack's Death Knife

02/24/2016 - SupaKaraoke Mix
08/07/2011 - Origina Fast Version

You buried me alive does no one care.
You buried me alive, is no one there.
You dig a hole and kick me down.
Then left me here in this dirt to drown.
I woke up here not to long ago,
Nobody knew, wasn't time to go.
I'm clawing away and ringing the bell.
Somebody get me out, I'm going though hell.

You knew I was alive so why did you bury me.
Can't you hear the cries of the angels as they carry me.
The day I became alive was the day that you buried me.
I wanna be alive. This is murder in the 1st degree.

I'm alive, I'm alive but I don't know how long.
Is this all just a nightmare, somebody wake me up from my sleep.
I'm alive, I'm alive but I don't know how long.
Wake me up before I dream again, and I'll be your friend.


I heard a sound, they're digging me up.
But I knew right then I got bad luck.
I heard'em say we've got a live one here.
But I knew they were nowhere near.
I think about you as I take my last breath.
You put me down this hole of death.
But I know I'll deliver revenge.
My dying wish, this story's end.


By John Easton 08/07/2011

Recording Notes:
Tempo 80bpm Slowly, 120bpm Fast
Project Tempo 92bpm