Bangkok Dryland

Bangkok Dryland- - - 04/22/2009 - - - Version 2. - - - Drums, Gtr, Bass.

Bangkok Dryland- - - 04/20/2009 - - - Version 1. - - - Drums, Gtr, Bass.

Supadope - Bangkok Dryland
Tempo: 116
Gtr Chorus: G,G,G,GGbFE,E,E,E,E
Gtr Verses: GDCG GDCG
Bass Chorus: G,G,G,GGbFE,E,E,E,E played in bar chords starting on the 10th fret
Bass Verses: G,DC,FG,CDFGF 4x then Noodle in each GDCG
Notes: JG's Les Paul middle postion through the Vamp 3C, Longhorn middle on 5E

A stone bridge crossing, on way to old Nana's house
A little red hood, with a lacy white blouse
That big bad wolf looks on with a grin
He's ready for the evening, an evening of sin
A nice bubble bath and some wine in a glass
Four candles burning dim, some more wine in the glass
Blow a kiss, catch a wink, we're starting to grin
Jacuzzi jets pulse as you're letting me in

A sunset setting, as the waves lick the beach
Puckered lips red, and an ass like a peach
Salty water glistens bright, on her skin and her feet
The feeling is warm and it seems like a treat
A mermaid mating, making love to her man
A long beach to walk while we're both holding hands
Bangkok Dryland ready to score
Bangkok Dryland makin' love on the shore


A blanket on the hay, it's a bright sunny day
In my arms, skin to skin, together we lay
In the big red barn up on top of the loft
My body's rock hard and your skin is so soft
The rooster's out struttin' and the hens are cluck cluckin'
The cows are chewin' cud and the broncos are buckin'
Blonde hair in pig tails, she drink me like water
Elly May look-alike, just a hot farmer's daughter